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Your pain points in selecting the paper combinations.

Obsolete thumb rules.

High cost proto types developed with “Trial and Error” methods.

Tedious work with excel files with limited results.

Our solution

Scientific solutions based on extensive professional experience.

Add your design inputs and get multiple options at the click of a button

Select optimal input combination for your box design.

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Smarter Purchasing, Better Relationship.

Simplify your business with Banyan Champ.

Source right paper grades to reduce cost.

Produce performing box for better business relationships.

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About us

We are experts in corrugated box design with over 38 years of global experience in paper and packaging.

Banyan Champ is the result of our extensive experience in packaging and box design. It allows box converters to decide and deliver boxes that meet the most demanding customer specifications at the lowest cost..

We believe in simplifying box design and delivering value for our customers through technical leadership and enabling operational excellence.

What We Offer

Banyan Champ allows box converters to easily design boxes based on “Compression strength or Bursting strength” specifications. It presents multiple box design options to choose the optimal paper grades combination at the lowest cost.

Select the complete range of paper boards currently used by you.
Use either CS or BS based box specifications for 3ply or 5ply boxes.
Enter your box dimensions and specified strength value.
Simulate thousands of possible box combinations using variety of paper board in your database.
Get optimal box design suggestions based on technical properties of paper board that meets or exceeds box specifications at the lowest cost.

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Why Banyan Champ?

Corrugated box manufacturers manage significant input costs of paper and paper board to meet changing customer needs.

Supply chain from manufacturing to consumption has become very performance demanding and cost competitive.

With the availability of “high performance liner boards and papers” there is technological transition for high performance boxes with low weight. Customer box specifications are evolving to include the “Compression strength” or related specifications as a key parameter.

Banyan Champ enables corrugated box producers to deliver high performance boxes to meet all the above expectations. Exhaustive simulations present the optimal box configurations that deliver the best performance while minimizing costs.

Banyan Champ allows box converters to easily meet the challenges of a changing customer environment and adopting high performance fiber board technology.


Create a large database of wide range of papers available from paper mills at your location.

Increase your paper selection criteria without buying them.


Add strength specifications, box dimensions and ply nos.

Simplified paper grade change for any ply just by a click.


Exhaustive simulation gives you a bigger horizon for decision making.

Select optimal combination and minimum cost.


In last decade, Kraft paper and paper board manufacturing has gone through a sea change in technology. Paper machines have moved from single wire machines to multi-wire machines with advanced processes such as shoe press and surface sizing. This concept has changed the paper technology, selection of fiber and fiber orientation to a very large extent to get the best performance at most economical cost.

We are partnering with paper mills producing high performance paper and paper boards using advanced technology.

Our Solution


Paper mills data

Paper grades and their properties.

Ex mills prices

User’s proprietary data

Grades of paper used and their landed cost.

Corrugating machines details

Types of flutes and their TUF

Conversion and Printing cost etc.

Enquiry simulation data

List of enquiries generated with all details.

Final offer data

List of final offers submitted to clients.


Web based platform.

SaaS model (software as a service) for an annual subscription.

Password protected data.

Access and control with “Administrator” only.

Integrated database

Intuitive and user friendly interface.

Analytic tools

Cloud based database management

No local IT infrastructure required

No need for IT maintenance and support

Continuous updating of software


Clients can login from anywhere i.e. from office desktop or while on move through laptop or tablet.

User can simulate and compute ply combinations and Optimal cost.

User can provide instant estimates and quotes to potential clients.


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